The Chen’s (aged 7 & 11)


Millions of galaxies all over space
They look so bright, just like a light

Two billion planets in the Milky Way;
But only earth has life because it’s special in a way

Meteors, comets and asteroids shooting through the sky
Leaving beautiful, shiny trails behind

Satellites orbit the planets
There is one called the ISS which is my favourite

Orbits keep everything in order;
Elliptical or round it doesn’t matter

Gravity pulls everything down
It’s very strong and makes the Earth spin around

Dark matter is invisible and everywhere
It is scary and gives me a nightmare

Iona (aged 8)

My bedroom window Opens wide to the night sky
Dark but full of stars.

I stand on my bed –
Poke my head out,
look amazed As they twinkle above."

Cora (aged 7)

I see flying saucers with flashing lights,
and glowing trails of meteorites
Blasting deep into space,
Silver space ships trying to find lost aliens left behind.

Burning comets blazing fire,
Red rockets blazing higher.
Stars shooting means a wish
All this I see from spaghetti in a dish.

Zoe (aged 7)

Jack (aged 8)
Today I am going to talk about all of the stars from the Sun to Pluto

There was an old star from mercury that was so hot and shiny
It keep having to go to the opticians because he kept looking at the sun closely

There was a young star in Venus and he was so so so hot
He could never eat an ice-cream because every time it would melt the second it was got

There was a beautiful star from earth that was warm and very free
With water surrounding everywhere on the star.
The star has heard of global warming

There was an old star from Mars that had 100s of volcanoes’ on him
He was very dusty and quite cold,
He was very fed up of his home

There was a young star from Jupiter
It was one of the biggest stars in the world
It kept having hurricanes blown into it,
I’m glad I’m not that star

There was an old star called Saturn
It had a rings all around it
It always had a breeze and was quiet chilly
Its home was quite boring

There was an old star from Uranus that had 72 moons around it
Every day he would like to wonder around
and he loved his home there

There was a tiny star from Neptune
he always had a hurricane near
all his time his friends and him would be blown away to the other side of Neptune

There was a star from Pluto that was quite tiny
it was very cold and it does not see a rocket from earth very often

Thank you to listening to the introduction of my star friends
next time ill teach you the stars around the sky